Essential Estate Planning for Entrepreneurs: Free Online Workshop

Entrepreneurs often focus on business growth, overlooking a critical aspect: estate planning. To address this, a must-attend event is scheduled for December 14th: “Understanding Estate Planning: Wills & Trusts for Entrepreneurs,” led by legal expert Ambrose Moses III, Esq.

Why It’s Vital: Estate planning is crucial for entrepreneurs to protect business and personal assets, ensure smooth succession, and minimize tax burdens for heirs. It’s not just about having a will; it’s about comprehensive planning for your business’s future.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Importance of wills and trusts for entrepreneurs.
  • Strategies for asset protection and distribution.
  • Avoiding common estate planning mistakes.

Event Details:

Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your business legacy. Register now at and take a crucial step in safeguarding your entrepreneurial achievements.

Kenmore Construction seeks subs/suppliers for the City of Columbus SWWTP Post Aeration Diffuser Replacement

Kenmore Construction Co., Inc. is accepting proposals from MBE/WBE Firms Certified through the City of Columbus – Office of Diversity and Inclusion and/or State of Ohio or EDGE Certified Firms.

Project Name:

City of Columbus – SWWTP Post Aeration Diffuser Replacement

  • Project (CIP) Number: 650354-100000
  • Contract Number: S91

Project Bid Date:

The City of Columbus Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant Post Aeration Diffuser Replacement project bids on January 10th, 2024 @ 3:00pm local time.

Project Location:

Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWWTP)
6977 South High Street (U.S. Route 23)
Lockbourne, OH 43137

Project Schedule:

All work shall be substantially complete within 1,520 calendar days of the Notice to Proceed, with final completion to occur within 1,610 calendar days. The City anticipates issuing a Notice to proceed on or about April 29, 2024.

Project Description:

The Work, in general, includes, but is not limited to the following in accordance with the plans and specifications set forth in the Invitation For Bid. 

  1. Demolition and replacement of post aeration diffusers, air distribution piping, valves, and appurtenances within Chlorine Contact Tanks 1 through 4. 
  2. Selective demolition and replacement of air conveyance piping and valves at Chlorine Contact Tanks 1 through 4 and within the Chlorine Control Building. 
  3. Demolition and replacement of two (2) post aeration blowers, including the addition of two (2) adjustable frequency drives for the new blowers. 
  4. Rehabilitation of two (2) existing post aeration blowers. 
  5. Removal of one (1) existing sluice gate. 
  6. Electric-motor operator replacement for two (2) existing sluice gates. 
  7. Demolition and replacement of four (4) butterfly gates serving Chlorine Contact Tanks 1 through 4. 
  8. Installation of stop logs and work platform at the Chlorine Contact Tanks effluent channel and construction of a stop logs storage area. 
  9. Selective concrete replacement and repair at the Chlorine Contact Tanks. 
  10. Replacement of drain (mud) valves serving the Chorine Contact Tanks. 
  11. Selective demolition of abandoned equipment, electrical, and instrumentation at the Chlorine Contact Tanks. 
  12. Selective railing replacement and railing modifications at Chorine Contact Tanks 1 through 4. 
  13. Selective building improvements within the Chlorine Control Building including lighting replacement, floor coating replacement, caulking and sealing, and painting.
  14. Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Improvements at the Chlorine Control Building. 
  15. Electrical, instrumentation, and control system improvements.

Below is a list of particular areas of interest, but do not encompass the entire project. Please let us know if you are able to provide any subcontracting services or material supplies.

Division 1 – General Requirements

  • 01310 – Construction Progress Schedules 
  • 01320 – Construction Progress Documentation 
  • 01410 – Testing Laboratory Services 
  • 01580 – Project Identification 
  • 01590 – CONTRACTOR Field Offices and Sheds 
  • 01610 – Transportation & Handling of Materials &      Equipment 

Division 2 – Site Work 

  • 02050 – Demolitions 
  • 02071 – Concrete Coring 
  • 02220 – Excavating, Backfilling, and Compacting 
  • 02930 – Lawns and Grasses 

Division 3 – Concrete

  • 03100 – Concrete Formwork 
  • 03200 – Concrete Reinforcement 
  • 03251 – Concrete Joints 
  • 03300 – Cast-In-Place Concrete 
  • 03600 – Grout 

Division 4 – Masonry 

  • 04100 – Mortar 
  • 04150 – Masonry Accessories 
  • 04200 – Unit Masonry Construction 
  • 04210 – Brick Masonry 
  • 04220 – Concrete Unit Masonry
  • 04246 – Exterior Glazed Facing Tile 

Division 5 – Metals 

  • 05050 – Threaded Fasteners 
  • 05140 – Structural Aluminum
  • 05501 – Anchor Bolts, Expansion Anchors, and Concrete Inserts 
  • 05502 – Miscellaneous Metal Fabrications 
  • 05522 – Type II Aluminum Handrails and Railings 
  • 05531 – Aluminum Grating and Supports 
  • 05533 – Metal Floor Plate 
  • 05560 – Metal Platforms 

Division 7 – Thermal and Moisture Protection 

  • 07176 – Water Repellent Treatment – Concrete 
  • 07210 – Building Insulation 
  • 07920 – Sealants and Caulking 

Division 9 – Finishes 

  • 09705 – Resinous Flooring
  • 09900 – Painting 

Division 10 – Specialties 

  • 10400 – Identification Devices

Division 11 – Equipment

  • 11376 – Positive Displacement Rotary Screw Blower 
  • 11377 – Diffuser System 
  • 11378 – Centrifugal Blower Rehabilitation 

Division 15 – Mechanical 

  • 15052 – Exposed Piping Installation 
  • 15061 – Ductile-Iron Pipe 
  • 15064 – Copper Pipe 
  • 15068 – Stainless Steel Pipe 
  • 15100 – Valves and Valve Operators 
  • 15113 – Butterfly Gates and Operators 
  • 15114 – Cast Iron Sluice Gates and CI Sluice Gate Operators 
  • 15116 – Stop Logs 
  • 15121 – Piping Accessories 
  • 15122 – Mechanical Pipe Seals 
  • 15123 – Wall and Floor Pipes and Pipe Sleeves 
  • 15140 – Supports and Anchors 
  • 15260 – Pipe Insulation
  • 15400 – Plumbing 
  • 15401 – Installation of Plumbing Piping 
  • 15414 – Roof Drainage System 
  • 15500 – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) 
  • 15530 – Refrigerant Piping 
  • 15781 – Air Conditioning Unit – Split System 
  • 15832 – Unit Heaters – Electric 
  • 15856 – Modular Central Station Air Handling Unit
  • 15861 – Air Intakes and Relief Vents – Aluminum 
  • 15871 – Centrifugal Roof Exhausters – Aluminum
  • 15885 – Air Cleaning 
  • 15910 – Ductwork and Accessories 
  • 15950 – Controls 
  • 15990 – Testing, Adjusting and Balancing 
  • 15992 – Piping Systems Testing

Division 16 – Electrical and Associated Specifications

16900 – Plant Instrumentation and Control System and Associated Specifications

If your firm is able to provide a smaller portion of a service and/or provide material that is not specifically listed above, please notify our offices via email to Adam Kohler 

Bidding Documents:

Plans, specifications, addenda and associated bid documents can be provided by contacting Adam Kohler via email or by phone at 330-762-9373. Kenmore Construction requests proposals be provided prior to January 9th, 2024 by 12:00 pm, local time, and can be forwarded to or Fax 330-762-2135.

Assistance in Financing, Bonding, Insurance, or Mentoring:

If your firm requests technical assistance in obtaining bonds, lines of credit, or insurance required by the City please notify our offices via email to Adam Kohler at

Company Information:

Kenmore Construction Co., Inc.
Columbus Office Address: 2924 Banwick Road, Columbus, Ohio 43232
Akron Office Address: 700 Home Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44310
Phone: 330-762-9373
Fax: 330-762-2135

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🚀 Today & Tomorrow: Transform Your Media Presence! 🚀

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Kokosing Industrial seeks subs/suppliers for Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant Post Aeration Diffuser Replacement project

“Attention City of Columbus/OEPA MBE and WBE entities”

Kokosing Industrial, Inc. is preparing bids for the Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant Post Aeration Diffuser Replacement project in Columbus, Ohio which bids January 10, 2024.  We are seeking quotes for any portion of the project listed that you are qualified to perform or provide supplies for which includes the following: cutting and patching, demolition, concrete coring, landscaping, concrete reinforcing, cast-in-place concrete, masonry, structural metals, misc. metal, metal fabrications, aluminum gratings, waterproofing, building insulation, caulking, resinous flooring, painting, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, instrumentation and controls, and trucking. Bidding documents can be examined online by emailing Josh Irvin at for the link.  Please have your quote Justin Arnold by 12:00pm January 9th, 2024.  e-mail or Fax 614-212-5711. 

“Kokosing Industrial is an equal opportunity employer.”

Columbus Zoo issues bid notice for restroom improvements


Sealed quotes will be received by Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Via E-Mail by Karen Schenk, Sr.  Director of Planning and Design and Joshua Casto, Project Manager of Facilities and Planning until January 10th, 2024 at 5pm ET. 

Columbus Zoo & Aquarium Restroom Improvements 

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium (CZA) is seeking quotes to provide restroom improvements and  remodel services to several restrooms across the zoo grounds. 

The bidding documents are available by request by contacting Karen Schenk, Sr. Director of Planning and  Design at and Joshua Casto, Project Manager of Facilities and Planning at 

Questions pertaining to this project are to be in writing / email and addressed to: Karen Schenk, Sr.  Director of Planning and Design at and Joshua Casto, Project Manager of  Facilities and Planning at 

A single contract will be awarded for this Construction Project.  

Bidders shall also note that the Rules and Regulations on Equal Employment Opportunity (Executive  Order 11246 & 11375) shall be made a part of this contract. Each bidder must ensure that all employees  and applicants for employment are not discriminated against because of their race, creed, color, sex, or  national origin.

Enhance Your Media Skills with OBDC’s Upcoming Training Sessions

This December, the Ohio Business Development Center (OBDC) offers two dynamic training sessions led by media expert Carol Hector-Harris. These sessions are designed to boost your business’s media presence during the holiday season and beyond.

Dec. 12: Master the Art of Media & Press Releases (online)

Learn to craft impactful press releases for the festive season and new year. This session will guide you through creating engaging and effective press releases.

Dec. 13: Mastering Media Interviews with Confidence

Improve your skills in handling media interviews. Gain confidence and learn effective communication techniques to convey your business’s story clearly.

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Join Us for Our LLC Repair Workshop on Dec. 7 – Your DIY LLC Guide!

Let’s talk about DIY LLCs. They’re like those IKEA shelves everyone tries to put up – they look easy until you’re left with extra screws and a wobbly shelf. That’s why we at the Ohio Business Development Center (OBDC) are excited to invite you to our “LLC Repair Workshop: Fixing Common Mistakes with D-I-Y LLCs” on December 7th.

Why You’ll Love This Workshop

DIY LLCs are all the rage, and why not? They’re quick, they’re easy, and they get you in the business game fast. But sometimes, we miss a step or two, and that’s okay. Our workshop is here to help you sort out those little oops moments.

We’re bringing in the big guns for this one – Ambrose Moses III, Esq., a whiz when it comes to small business legalities. He’ll be sharing his top tips and tricks to keep your LLC on the straight and narrow.

Here’s the Scoop:

  • No More Oops: Learn about the common slip-ups in DIY LLCs and how to fix them.
  • Stay on the Right Side of the Law: Get the 411 on keeping your LLC compliant.
  • Q&A Time: Got burning questions? Ambrose has answers.

Who Should Be There?

If you’ve set up your own LLC or are thinking about it, this is the place to be. Also, if you just love learning about LLCs (we don’t judge), come on over!

Mark Your Calendars:

  • Date: December 7
  • Time:  6 pm
  • Cost: FREE
  • Place: Online – join us from your couch!
  • Sign Up: Hop over to and grab your spot.

So, are you ready to turn your DIY LLC from “oops” to “a-ha”? Join us on December 7th – let’s make your business journey a bit smoother.

OBDC December Training Schedule

Upcoming OBDC Events: Elevate Your Business Expertise!

Dec. 7 – LLC Repair Workshop: Fixing Common Mistakes with D-I-Y LLCs Attend our online workshop for legal advice on managing your DIY LLC. Ambrose Moses III, Esq. will guide you through correcting common LLC issues. Register today to protect and strengthen your business. Register at

Dec. 12 – Master the Art of Media & Press Releases Join OBDC’s training with Carol Hector-Harris to learn how to craft impactful press releases for the holiday season and new year. Enhance your business’s media presence by registering for this online session. Register at

Dec. 13 – Mastering Media Interviews with Confidence Improve your media interview skills at OBDC’s “Mastering Media Interviews” session, led by Carol Hector-Harris. Register now to learn effective communication techniques with the press. Register at

Dec. 14 – Understanding Estate Planning: Wills & Trusts for Entrepreneurs Join Ambrose Moses III, Esq. in this complimentary online workshop on estate planning for entrepreneurs. Learn how to safeguard your assets and ensure your wishes are fulfilled. Register now for this invaluable session at

Dec. 15 – OBDC Certification 101: Unlocking Opportunities in Minority Business Discover the key to MBE, F/WBE, or DBE certifications in OBDC’s comprehensive class with Ronda Watson Barber. Register for this session to gain valuable insights into the certification process and networking opportunities. Register at:

Can’t attend the Certification Class? Get our e-book for essential insights and guidance: Download the e-book.



CMHA issues new bid notice for Cobblestone Manor – new build

Exciting news for Ohio’s housing market! The CMHA has issued a bid notice for the new build of Cobblestone Manor. This is a great opportunity for contractors and builders to showcase their skills and contribute to the development of quality housing in the area. Head over to to view the full bid notice and get in on the action. Let’s continue to promote growth and progress in our community! #OhioHousing #CMHA #CobblestoneManor #OhioMBE #bidnotices

Make a Difference: Support Our Holiday Fundraiser for OBDC

As we reflect on our achievements and blessings, I extend my heartfelt wishes for a prosperous holiday season. As your advocate in the minority business community, my message today is one of empowerment and growth. Your contributions are vital to our community, and your success is our collective triumph.

As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s share some crucial updates. Regrettably, the City of Columbus has withdrawn funding for the minority planroom and related services that we’ve proudly offered since 2017. However, this is not a setback but a stepping stone. We’re actively seeking new partnerships with organizations aligned with our vision and mission.

At the Ohio Business Development Center (OBDC), we stand apart from the political landscape. We are not political appointees, nor do we engage in political games. Our focus is solely on our expertise and long-standing commitment to supplier diversity. For years, we have dedicated our professional careers to empowering and training Black-owned businesses. This dedication is not a recent development; it is the core of who we are and what we do. Our work in the supplier diversity space is driven by knowledge, experience, and an unwavering commitment to the businesses we serve.

OBDC remains steadfast in supporting Black businesses and other underrepresented entrepreneurs, especially amidst the unprecedented construction boom in Central Ohio. Remember, your voice, your business, and your concerns are pivotal to us. We are committed to inclusion and diversity, unapologetically advocating for Black business interests.

In the spirit of giving, I humbly ask for your consideration in supporting our non-profit initiatives. Your donations are instrumental in helping us help you. Donations can be made at

For updates on our December training schedule and more, please visit

Wishing you all the success and happiness this holiday season.