Empower & Build: Join the Elite 50 Contractors Transforming Their Future

This Black History Month, secure your place among the 50 ambitious contractors in our exclusive “Empower & Build” training series. Focused on comprehensive growth, industry knowledge, and community building, this is your opportunity to elevate your business on all fronts.

Why Be One of the Elite 50?

Exclusive Access: Limited to just 50 participants, ensuring personalized attention and a tailored experience for every contractor.

Comprehensive Training: Engage in a diverse curriculum covering key areas like construction site safety, MBE/FBE/EDGE Certification, Worker’s Compensation, Bonding and Insurance, blueprint reading, and legal aspects including the Corporate Transparency Act.

Community Strength: Join a network of peers and industry leaders, fostering relationships that lead to support, collaboration, and opportunities.

Visible Commitment: Demonstrate to clients and the community your dedication to excellence and continuous improvement.

What Will You Achieve?

Empowerment: Gain the confidence and skills to tackle larger projects and broaden your business’s scope.

Certification and Compliance: Understand and navigate industry certifications and legal requirements, ensuring your business operates to its fullest potential.

Risk Management: Learn about Worker’s Compensation, Bonding, and Insurance to protect your business and employees.

Technical Skills: Enhance your ability to read and understand blueprints, a fundamental skill for any contracting job.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with other professionals at our exclusive networking event, opening doors to new collaborations and projects.

Lasting Impact:

This isn’t just a month-long series; it’s a step towards long-term growth and success. Equip yourself with knowledge and connections that continue to benefit your business for years to come.

Reserve Your Spot!

Join the ranks of the 50 contractors set to change their future. Empower your business, build lasting relationships, and gain the comprehensive knowledge you need to succeed. Sign up today and be part of something bigger.