We are excited to announce the Ohio Business Development Center (OBDC) and Small Business Legal Aid’s (SBLA) July 2024 training schedule! These online classes are designed to enhance your business knowledge and safeguard your enterprise. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to learn from experts and gain valuable insights to manage and protect your business.

Here are the details for each class:

7/11: Safety and Your Business: The Legal Perspective
Description: Learn about legal strategies to ensure your business’s safety and compliance.
Time: 6 pm
Register: OHBDC.org

7/13: SBLA Coffee & Counsel – How to Use a Series LLC for Asset Protection
Description: Discover how a Series LLC can protect your business assets.
Time: 10 am
Register: OHBDC.org

7/16: BWC Class: Understanding Workers’ Compensation
Description: Get a comprehensive overview of Workers’ Compensation and how to manage it effectively within your business.
Time: 10 am
Register: OHBDC.org

7/18: Resolving Business Disputes
Description: Explore legal options for resolving disputes with customers, suppliers, and partners.
Time: 6 pm
Register: OHBDC.org

7/20: SBLA Coffee & Counsel – How to Comply With The Corporate Transparency Act and Avoid Penalties and Fines
Description: Learn about compliance with the Corporate Transparency Act to avoid legal penalties.
Time: 10 am
Register: OHBDC.org

7/23: Cybersecurity Basics with Eku Williams from CyberSureLLC
Description: Join us for an engaging online session on cybersecurity basics with Eku Williams from CyberSureLLC, presented by the Ohio Business Development Center. This class will cover essential tips to protect your digital life, including creating strong passwords, recognizing phishing attempts, securing your devices, and safeguarding personal information. Perfect for beginners, this course offers practical strategies to enhance your cyber awareness.
10 am

SBLA Clinic
Description: Join us for practical legal advice tailored to your business needs.
Time: 10 am
Register: OHBDC.eventbrite.com

More classes are being scheduled, so be sure to check our website and follow us on social media for the latest updates.

Register today to secure your spot and stay ahead in managing your business effectively!

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The Ohio Business Development Center (OBDC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering small businesses in Ohio. Founded by Ronda Watson Barber, OBDC offers a wide range of professional business services tailored to support the growth and success of minority and small businesses. The Center provides resources and training in the areas of certification, legal, and accounting. Additionally, OBDC operates a construction planroom that provides a contractor’s directory and offers construction-related training courses to assist contractors and construction businesses in navigating project opportunities. With a mission to foster economic development and inclusion, OBDC is a vital resource for entrepreneurs striving to achieve their business goals.


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