Save the Date – City of Columbus Creative Campus CMaR Outreach

This event will be held September 28, 2022 at Wolfe Shelter House located at 105 Park Dr., Columbus, OH 43209 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Attendees will meet teams from the City of Columbus and Pizzuti Solutions, learn more about the Creative Campus project and anticipated project timelines.

The Creative Campus CMaR Request for Qualifications will be due in late October 2022. Preconstruction Services is tentatively scheduled for March 2023 and has a 20% MBE/WBE participation goal.

The project description is as follows:

  • This facility will be located on the south side of East Broad Street at 43-51 South Douglas Street on the site of the former Douglas School in Columbus, Ohio.
  • The site is approximately 3.91 acres in size and the existing school will be demolished. A new public park will be developed in coordination with creation of the new facility.
  • The new building will contain approximately 42,000 GSF arranged on two levels and will provide surface parking for staff and participants.
  • The building will accommodate the operations of the Broad Street Arts and Senior Campus, combining aspects of programs previously offered by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department (CRPD) at separate facilities for Golden Hobby and the Martin Janis Center, as well as provide an expanded and enhanced offering of programs and services to City of Columbus residents.
  • A series of flexible studios and activity spaces will be outfitted in the building with the means to support a wide variety of activities, including creation of ceramics, painting, stained glass, lapidary, woodworking, model trains, etc. as well as dance, fitness/ exercise, etc. Other features of the facility will include kitchen and dining space, sales areas for participant created items and related storage. Public art will also be a component of the project.

The scope of work for the CMaR includes:

  • Construction Management and Supervision of Trades
  • Project Reporting, Cost Estimating and Scheduling
  • Site Logistics and Site Management Services (such as site layout and survey control, job trailer procurement, cleaning, waste management, construction labor parking management, off-site material storage, etc.)
  • Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
  • Design Review Services
  • Web-based Jobsite Camera/ Drone Photography
  • FFE/Material procurement
  • General Labor Services


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