OBDC Winter Learn Series: Winter Biz Boost – December Training Workshops

Elevate your business this winter with the OBDC Winter Learn Series. Our December Training Workshops, the Winter Biz Boost, are designed to enhance your business skills and knowledge.

  1. Dec. 12 – Mastering Media & Press Releases: Learn to create compelling press releases with Carol Hector-Harris, an award-winning journalist. This session focuses on utilizing media releases to boost your business during the holiday season and the new year​​.
  2. Dec. 13 – Navigating Media Interviews with Expertise: Carol Hector-Harris returns to guide professionals in effectively conducting media interviews. This training is crucial for anyone looking to confidently interact with the media​​.
  3. Dec. 15 – OBDC Certification 101: Unlocking Opportunities in Minority Business: Led by Ronda Watson Barber, a prominent advocate for minority businesses, this class offers comprehensive insights into MBE, F/WBE, and DBE certifications. It’s an invaluable opportunity for small or minority-owned businesses to understand and navigate the certification process​​.

These workshops are ideal for business owners looking to boost their visibility, media engagement, and understand certification processes to unlock new opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to propel your business forward this winter! Register online at https://buytickets.at/obdc

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